Herrington Harbor South to the Magothy

Tuesday, June 4th with a day off from work I was finally able to take the day to sail Calamay. Up early at 0500, Greg came with us to drop us off at Herrington Harbor. I didn’t know what to expect, but words couldn’t describe this beautiful marina. As we were preparing the boat to leave the dock, I looked out to the river and saw alot of wind. I was a little nervous for my first sail, but I was so excited at the same time. Once we motored out to the river and hoisted the sails, I took the helm and Bob said look hon we’re sailing. It was the greatest feeling to be able to steer the boat with a wheel instead of a tiller. At that point I knew we purchased the perfect boat for us!

We’re Sailing now!!

Along the way to the Magothy, we were able to see many points of interest from the water instead of land. Thomas Point Light was beautiful from the water, several boats were fishing near it. There were several freighters anchored before the bay bridge waiting their turn to head north. At this point in our trip the wind dropped and we had to motor sail under the bay bridge. It was amazing to look up at the bridge as were passing in the water under it! You have a totally different perspective of the sites on the water vs on land. We then passed Sandy Point Park and approached the next light house.

Leaving the Bay Bridge

I tried to reach Fairwinds marina by ship to shore radio, but since its a smaller marina I guess they don’t monitor it all the time. So I called by cell phone and told them we were approaching the marina. The dock hand was able to describe to me where the slip was and before Karen made it down to the dock we were already in the slip without too much trouble lol. This was around 2 pm and Greg was scheduled to pick us up at 3. So it was perfect timing to make sure the boat was secure and get all our gear off the boat until Saturday which would be our last leg of the trip north to get our boat home to Parkside Marina on Middle River!

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