Ground Tackle Refit!

Time has come to completely change out the old anchor, chain and line. My version of the Raider 33 build #23, does not have a anchor locker, it does have a anchor line locker below deck but no access to it from above. My first year of ownership, I just stored the anchor below and carried it out to the deck when needed. This got old quick, Second year, I installed a bow roller to store the anchor. This worked great, but now its time to add a windlass to the mix.

At first, this looked like a easy and quick upgrade, but remember, we are talking boat project.

  • Adding windlass to Calamay
  • Pattern below deck support plywood.
  • Pattern bottom of the anchor locker
  • Cut plywood for support and locker bottom
  • Epoxy seal the plywood for weatherproofing
  • Sand – rough up anchor locker for glue – epoxy
  • Remove the current anchor line hawse pipe
  • Glue plywood in place in the anchor locker
  • Fiberglass tabs in anchor locker to ensure waterproofing
  • Create a drain for the anchor locker.
  •                 Drill hole
  •                 Epoxy the hole
  •                 Install clam shell on the hull for drain
  •                 Add epoxy to the bottom to ensure proper draining
  • Paint anchor locker
  • Run the wires from the batteries to the anchor locker
  •                 terminate the wire ends
  • install circuit breaker at battery location
  • install the switch controller at the locker
  • install a wireless remote at the locker
  • install anchor line fastener in the locker
  • wash anchor line – let soak for at least 1 hour.
  • Paint lengths on the anchor line
  • Install windlass
  •                 Align template
  •                 Cut holes
  •                 Seal the windlass
  •                 Bolt the windlass in place
  •                 Connect wires from the switch controller
  • Install mooring bit
  •                 Seal the mooring bit
  •                 Bolt the mooring bit in place
  • Install anchor line and chain
  • Install swivel connector to anchor
  • Tie down anchor to mooring bit

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