Replacing the Port Lens

I don’t know if it is a fact but I believe all of my port lenses are original. They didn’t leak, too much, below you could barely see through them and most of the ‘dogs’ are gone or cracked. My year of Raider; has ports made by Gray, they look like the common beckson ports, but looking closer, the ‘dogs’ and hinges don’t line up. Gray ports are pretty much gone, I thought I would have to replace the entire ports at $300 each. Mr. Google came to my rescue, many people will know of the forum but they also have a marine store. I’m guessing but with John Cherubini’s relationship with Hunter, it seemed Joe used many of the Hunter-sourced parts. So sailboatowners store had new stock of the lens, both sizes for $65 each. And I must say, what a pleasure to deal with these folks. Customer Service was perfect and shipping was no hassle. Just a great transaction!

The Before look – I believe these were original equipment!
After the replacement

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