Another Raider 33 – Flamenco, no.2 (1976)

Here is Flamenco, Raider 33 no.2 (1976), having been damaged in Raritan Bay during Storm Sandy and bought as salvage after being totaled. This boat has much less damage than either the other Raider (no.15) or the Swiftsure had but has more extensive ‘old-boat’ problems, such as soft decks. I would very much like to have this boat myself; but I have no way of storing it and repairing it simultaneously. It may be for sale– if you’re willing to have us redo it for you. Just look at the lines of this Raider. If the C44 is the prettiest boat in the world, this one is a very close second. In no place is there anything egregious or out-of-place. Its beauty is sublimity itself. 4 Aug 2014
DianaOfBurlington Mar 27, 2015

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