Another Raider 33 – Suzanne

Suzanne is the epitome of a racer/cruiser. She is a Cherubini Raider 33 sloop designed by John Cherubini and built by his brother Joe. With her unique hull form and strong rig she can race with the best of them and down below she had all the charm and amenities of a home away from home.

Her cruising ground is Raritan and Sandy Hook Bays. In late October 2013, she was safely put away for the winter on her cradle at Pedersen’s Boatyard and Marina, Keyport, NJ. Then, on October 29, 2012, Super Storm Sandy hit and the very thing that had given her life for 32 years—the wind— produced a 14 foot storm surge that simply overwhelmed the boatyard and all the boats on their cradles or blocks. Suzanne was beaten and battered and the insurance company declared her a total loss.

The vision that comes with experience…

Fortunately, her owners, Gary and Suzanne Moshier, opted to have a second opinion.  They asked David Cherubini, President and CEO of Cherubini Yachts, to take a look at her. After a careful inspection of the boat, David announced “I can rebuild her. This is what we do. I owe it to my uncle Joe and my cousins who worked so hard to make that boat. We can put a smile back on her face.”  And so, with a handshake the deal was made and a short time later Suzanne was trucked to Delran, NJ to begin her restoration.

During the next eight months, the world class craftsmen at Cherubini Yachts worked painstakingly to restore Suzanne to a “like-new” condition. Three interior bulkheads were rebuilt, her skeg reattached, rudder and prop shaft replaced and the rig repaired.  Five large holes in her deck, where stanchions had been torn free, were glassed-in and repaired. The gaping hole in her side was filled and feathered-in using a preformed section of hull molded from the same area of the original Raider which sits in the Cherubini yard. Everything was put back together and the hull was then given a beautiful Awlgrip paint job to complete the project. The Cherubini team performed an outstanding effort in restoring a boat that was declared unrepairable.

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